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The A to Z of Heutagogy

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The A to Z of Heutagogy introduces heutagogy, a learner-centric educational approach emphasizing self-directed learning. This method shifts the focus from traditional instructor-led models to ones where learners actively engage, explore, and contribute to their knowledge. It balances the known with the unknown, fostering curiosity and intrinsic motivation. Heutagogy values individual experiences and personal interests, making education more relevant and personalized. This approach prepares learners for lifelong learning, emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability in a rapidly changing world.

Selected Key Points:

  1. Learner-Centric Model: Moves away from instructor-led methods to place learners at the center.
  2. Active Engagement: Encourages learners to question, explore, and contribute to their knowledge.
  3. Balance of Known and Unknown: Creates an environment that fosters curiosity.
  4. Personalized Education: Values individual experiences, making learning more relevant.
  5. Lifelong Learning: Prepares learners for continuous personal and professional growth.
  6. Intrinsic Motivation: Aligns education with personal interests and passions to enhance engagement and creativity.

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The A to Z of Heutagogy

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